Products & Supply

Products & Supply

Products we supply include, Valves, Drilling Equipment, Rotary Equipment, Pumps, Process Equipment, Instrumentation, Electrical, Safety Products, Maintenance, Repair & Operation Tools, Industrial Oil & Chemicals, HVAC & Refrigeration, Food Preparation & Janitorial, Heavy Plant Machinery & Vehicles.

We have a global presence in purchasing products for various sectors of the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mining & Power Generation Industries, which include items such as the following:


Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, Plug, Needle, Actuated Control, Solenoid & Safety Valve

Drilling EquipmentDrilling Equipment

Drawworks, Travelling Blocks, Coiled Tubing, Drilling Instrumentation, Drilling Generators, Wireline Equipment, Completion Tools, Oil Tools, Pipe Handling Systems, Duplex/Triplex Panels, Surface Safety, API & Power Swivel

Rotating MachineryRotating Machinery

Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Compressor (Gas & Air), Diesel Engines, Generating Sets & Motors


End Suction, In-Line, Axially Split Casing, Multistage Screw, Vertically Suspended & Centrifugal

Process EquipmentProcess Equipment

Filtration (Vessels & Filters), Heat Exchangers, Finned Tubing, Pipe & Tubing & Pipe Fabrications


Flowmeters, Recording Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Pressure Gauges & Averaging Sensors


Circuit Breakers, Magnetic Starters, Lighting (Explosion Proof), Cabling (& Glands), Panel Boards, Transformers, Generating Sets, Contactors, Enclosures, Relays, Switches & Conduit Fittings

Safety ProductsSafety Products

Workwear, Footwear, Headwear, Hand & Eye Protection & Water Safety

Maintenance, Repair & Operation ToolsMaintenance, Repair & Operation Tools

Hand Tools, Power Tools, Workshop Furniture, Storage & Lifting Equipment

Industrial Oil & ChemicalsIndustrial Oil & Chemicals

Coolant Oils, Grease, Fuel Additives, Corrosion Prevention Oils & Machine Fluids

HVAC & RefrigerationHVAC & Refrigeration

Air Conditioners, Blowers & Fans, HVAC Test Instruments, Pipe, Tubing & Chillers

Food Preparation & JanitorialFood Preparation & Janitorial

Cleaning Equipment & Supplies, Kitchen Equipment, Canteen Equipment & Laundry Equipment

Heavy Plant Machinery & VehiclesHeavy Plant Machinery & Vehicles

Construction Equipment, Heavy Load Trucks & Excavating Equipment

"Project Management services offered by Grayford Industrial" We have experienced personnel in our warehouse and shipping department who are accustomed to handling export orders and export documentation.

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