Special Application Gauges


Grayford Industrial provides a wide range of instrumentation for the oil, gas, mining, power and petrochemical industries. We deliver projects to your required schedule, managing multiple and diverse technologies, automation, maintenance and business system integration, and lifecycle costs.

Watertight Pressure GaugeWatertight Pressure Gauge

Robust watertight gauge with screwed connections to withstand harsh environments.

Can Piercing GaugeCan Piercing Gauge

Food Industry can piercing vacuum gauge.

Oxygen GaugeOxygen Gauge

Degreased and Oxygen cleaned for specific Oxygen applications.

Very High Pressure GaugeVery High Pressure Gauge

Screwed connections gauges with various high pressure connections available.

Receiver GaugesReceiver Gauges

Standard receiver gauges for use with pneumatic transmitters.

MOD Defense Standard GaugesMOD Defense Standard Gauges

Designed to withstand a high level of shock in accordance with Def. Stan. 66-2.

Grout GaugeGrout Gauge

Stainless Steel cased small dial gauge with screwed connections.

"Special Application Gauges"

Watertight Pressure Gauge Can Piercing Gauge Oxygen Gauge Very High Pressure Gauge Receiver Gauges MOD Defense Standard Gauges Grout Gauge

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