Utility Hoses

We supply a range of utility hoses for the onshore and offshore industries.

Grayford work in partnership with global manufacturers to design and manufacture a full range of connectors that are individual to a clients requirements. A full catalogue of connectors is available from Grayford which meet our clients various requirements, taking into consideration geographic location and fluid service conditions.

Sizes 3/8” to 4” (9mm to 101mm)
Applications Air, Nitrogen, Utility Water, Steam, Multi-purpose
Pressures Up to 40 bar
Standards BS 2050
General Reinforcements available are Textile, Synthetic Fibre and Wire Cord
Hose Ends & Ferrules Stainless & Carbon Steel
Brand Names Utilitymaster, Alaska, Montana, Snowdon, Vapofer, Montreal, Toronto, Michigan, Glenlock
Suppliers IVG

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